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Keyang Korea Machineries

17 products

Showing 1 - 17 of 17 products

Showing 1 - 17 of 17 products
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Keyang Concrete Vibrator Hose
Keyang Keyang Concrete Vibrator Hose
Sale priceFrom ₱5,500.00 Regular price₱35,000.00
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Keyang RT-12 Plunge Router 1510W 1/2"Keyang RT-12 Plunge Router 1510W 1/2"
Keyang HC-14K Cut Off Machine 14" 2300WKeyang HC-14K Cut Off Machine 14" 2300W
Keyang DP-7000V Polisher 650WKeyang DP-7000V Polisher 650W
Keyang ACT-100M Angle Grinder 4" 710W
Keyang DG-100FB Angle Grinder 4" 750W
Keyang DG-850 Angle Grinder 4" 850WKeyang DG-850 Angle Grinder 4" 850W
Keyang DG-180FB Angle Grinder 7" 2000WKeyang DG-180FB Angle Grinder 7" 2000W
Keyang DG-150C Angle Grinder 6" 1200W
Keyang DMV-16K Hammer / Impact Drill 720W 16mmKeyang DMV-16K Hammer / Impact Drill 720W 16mm
Keyang PHD-38 HEX Rotary HammerKeyang PHD-38 HEX Rotary Hammer
Keyang D-23 High Torque Drill 1150W 23mm
Keyang D-16 High Torque Drill 700W 16mm
Keyang PD-13 Hand Drill 620W 13mm

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