WD-40 Specialist Spray Grease 360ml (WDSPLSG360)

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WD-40 Specialist Spray Grease 360ml (WDSPLSG360)

Master Box: 240pcs/per box
Discounts may apply for bulk orders.

    A Premium Quality Grease for Long Lasting Lubrication.

    Non-drip with excellent adhesion and sealing properties to provide resistance to water. Limitless application areas throughout the home, trade and industry.

    • Long lasting lubrication for metal surfaces
    • Excellent adhesion and sealing properties
    • Excellent corrosion protection and load carry capacity

        Recommended Uses

        • Pulleys 
        • Gears 
        • Chains 
        • Bearings 
        • Nuts and Bolts 
        • Screws 
        • Locks 
        • Pipes 
        • Taps 
        • Moving Equipment 
        • Machinery 
        • Welds and Winches 
        • Conveyors 
        • Latches 
        • Pistons 
        • Motor Pivot Points
          Metal parts 
        • Catches 
        • Overhead Door Tracks


          • Pulleys
          • Gears
          • Chains
          • Bearings

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